The Bond of Music0.0

类型:剧情 短片  美国  1912 

主演:Charles Kent Earle Williams William 

导演:Charles Kent 


Oscar, a young lieutenant of the German army, is stopping in a French town getting information. He is passing as a young musician and lodging with Pierre Lenoir. He cultivates a great friendship with Francois Vian, an old 'cellist, firstly because it helps carry out his disguise and secondly, because he really is fond of music. He learns to like the old man very much. Rumors of a spy being in the town get about and Lenoir's suspicions are aroused. He confides his suspicions to his sister and shows her an offer of reward for the capture of the spy, which he hopes to gain. Oscar overhears him and flies the house. Lenoir gives the alarm and Oscar is pursued by the gendarmes and people. He takes refuge with Francois and prays to him to save him, confessing who he is. At first Francois is going to give him up, then their bond of musical fellowship is too strong for him. He hides the young German and assists him to escape. A year after the town is taken by the Germans. They invade Francois'...