Blue Balloons0.0

类型:剧情 爱情  美国  2009 

主演:Ryan Sanson 克里斯托弗·希金斯 King Stuart T 



Charley Dawson has what some would call "the perfect life". He is a straight-A student living in an upper-middle class environment with a picture perfect American Family. Outside of the picture, Charley struggles with a world that is neatly packaged but filled with emptiness. Charley's father (Kent) is a good, hardworking man, but his job keeps him away on business. Charley's mother (Ruth) appears to be a sweet and loving house wife, but she is obsessed with control and compulsive over polishing her family's appearance. Charley's beautiful girlfriend (Kate) is the bow of ribbon that should complete the gift, but he shows resistance towards her and the life that still doesn't feel right. With the help of a new best friend (Joseph), Charley searches the lives of others for the perspective that allows people to see treasure in what may only appear to be junk.