Trágica muerte de Joselito0.0

类型:纪录片 短片  西班牙  1920 


导演:José Gaspar 

日期 资源名称
日期 资源名称

Short documentary about the life and death of the mythical matador Joselito 'El Gallo'. The film is divided into 3 parts: 1) José Gómez Ortega is born in Gelves (Sevilla, Adalucía, Spain) on 8 May 1895. He becomes a fully qualified bullfighter on 28 September 1912, and soon he charms the public with his elegant bullfighting, full of art and courage. 2) In a memorable bullfight in Madrid, Joselito kills seven bulls, reaching the top of his career at his fifth bull, and at the end of the bullfight he is carried out on the public's shoulders. 3) On 16 May 1920, Joselito dies at the Talavera de la Reina's bullring, killed by a bull named 'Bailaor'. After his death, the bullring clinic becomes the funeral chapel. His loyal banderillero 'Blanquet' wakes over his corpse at the van that carries his body from his residence to the churchyard. His body is buried at the San Fernando cemetery in Sevilla, with the presence of many people connected with bullfighting.