Ovil and Usman0.0

类型:纪录片 短片  希腊  2019 


导演:Dimitris Yeros 

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日期 资源名称

Ovil and Usman are a gay Muslim couple who only wish to live together. To make it happen, they have to flee their home countries towards the “Paradise of the West.” Following the long caravan of refugees, they end up in the infamous Moria Refugee Camp in Lesbos island, where “Paradise” will show its ugliest face.

This documentary records the in-depth testimony of a gay Muslim couple, Ovil and Usman, whose only wish was to share a life together. Since in their home countries it is illegal for gay men to live their lives as they would like to, they had no choice but to escape to the west, following the underground caravan of refugees and immigrants that leads from Asia to Greece . They ended up trapped in the infamous hot spot/refugee camp in Moria - where their "dream paradise" would show its ugliest face. Their testimony is backed by strong imagery of never before seen footage from the life inside and outside the camp, shot through different means, even mobile phones, as there is a government prohibition for journalists and film crews to enter the camp.