can you teach a worm to tango?0.0

类型:动画 短片 儿童  英国  2011 


导演:children of Stogursey School 


After her mother leaves them a little girls father becomes obsessed with teaching worms to do the Tango.

We worked with the children in Stogursey Primary School to make this film. The idea came from some of the tiniest pupils and then everyone else in the school worked to draw, write, cut out JPEGS and animate to make the film happen. We spent two whole days designing and finishing the drawing of the little girl until we were happy with her. Each bit of her from her hair, glasses, face and cloths are drawn by a different child. The film was created by an entire school and it was amazing fun to make and very exciting to be part of it's success. The film was judged by Terry Gilliam, David Arnold and Lex Lutzus. They said 'We thought this was very original, quirky and terribly funny... The narration was rather endearing and the poetic style definitely has undertones of Roald Dahl. The animation was extremely unusual and interesting to boot. Very impressive.' Awards First Light Best Animation 2011 Chicago International Children's Film Festival Best Film Produced with Children